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The Midwestern State University sexual misconduct policy has been developed to reaffirm these principles and to provide recourse for those individuals whose rights have been violated.

If your personally identifiable information is shared, it will be shared with as few people as possible and all efforts will be made to protect your privacy to the greatest extent.c) You are encouraged to speak to university officials, such as the Title IX Coordinator, Director of Student Conduct, Campus Police, Director of Human Resources, Academic Deans, Athletic Head Coaches, and Vice Presidents to make formal reports of incidents of sexual misconduct.

When an allegation of sexual misconduct is brought to the administration, and an accused student/respondent is found to have violated this policy, serious sanctions will be imposed to ensure that such actions are never repeated.

All members of the University community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others.

If you are unsure of someone’s duties and ability to maintain your privacy, ask them before you talk to them.

They will be able to tell you and can help you make decisions about who can help you best.

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